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“The fact is, that in one’s work, one has only two choices– either to reproduce existing forms or to create new ones. There is no other.”

      –Monique Wittig

SCHISM is a forum dedicated to exploring the advancement and dissemination of uncompromising literature in this our ego-cratic capitalist regime which, having a horror of literature, relegates its avatars to commodity. Concomitant with this relegation is a diminution, a diluting of the potential of literature, limiting its forms and force to that which is and remains identifiable. The strictures that capitalist commodification demands is a form of prose that can be referred to as commodity-form prose or capitalist realism. This is the prose that is generally recognizable, preferred by merchants, prose that means in ways you are familiar with, requiring no contribution on your part, pre-digested forms that you have been taught to recognize as the only acceptable forms, the horizon of meaning you’re not allowed to go beyond. But there is a universe of possibilities suppressed by capitalism and its ideological fantasy, or reality. These possibilities are what SCHISM advocates for, seeking to break the spell cast by the commodification of capitalist reality and opening new horizons of literature and meaning.

“Any Revolution In Literature
Will First Of All Be A Revolution In Form”



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