Christmastown fictions by Reid Matko (click to view PDF file; best viewed in two-page continuous or scrolling mode, with cover page shown in two page view)

Christmastown consists of seven fictions, each, to borrow a phrase from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn,”[an] experiment in literary investigation”. The texts deal with, amongst other things:

—the minimal events which constitute subjectivity (Three voiced periods);

—the experience of otherness and of the Other (The Apocryphon of Betty);

—a general critique of capitalism phrased as a history of slavery (The Ark of the Covenant);

—the father and the experience of the symbolic (Matko);

—relations to authority and to knowledge (A False Father);

—how we dwell in and think time and space (The House);

—an attempt to inscribe subjective states in language (Lessons in Letters).

“The material organization of language reproduces conceptions of the mind.”

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