WELCOME to LetternetPress/OpenDrawerPublications

LetternetPress/OpenDrawerPublications is a collective dedicated to the practice and dissemination of uncompromising literature that seeks to question the expectations and assumptions that permeate contemporary literary practice and subjective life. We hope to offer works that, in the words of William S. Burroughs, “intend to destroy all dogmatic verbal systems.”

For a short period of time we are offering free for your reading pleasure a small selection of works which can be downloaded in PDF format.

Here at LetternetPress we believe that literature is the final space of human liberty as well as the one useless pleasure that finally undoes over and over again both social codification and the very universe of knowledge.

2 comments on “WELCOME to LetternetPress/OpenDrawerPublications

  1. Marian Walalce

    Where did you get the WS Burroughs quote from? What book or interview? -marian

    • Hello Marian Wallace:

      The quote comes from “The Job” Interviews with WSB by Daniel Odier (Grove Press and Penguin have editions). It’s all over the internet though. Just Google it and you’ll find dozens of references.

      I hope you found more of interest on my site; it contains fruits of the labor of my life. What do you do? Can I find your texts anywhere?

      Reid Matko LetternetPress

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