“The ego has a horror of the letter as such.” Jean-Claude Milner

We at LetternetPress take the above statement to be a given. The relation of the ego to literature is one of perpetual resistance, perpetual horror, and of perpetual aversion. Hence the preponderance of blind and blinding ego fictions, of the identificatory games and the droning of emotional muzak which dominate contemporary fiction, a style of literature that we refer to as capitalist realism. It will be one of our tasks to attempt to continually dislodge the ego, to frustrate and to attempt to reveal to it its foibles, not the least of which is its attempt to relegate social relations exclusively to their representations, to commodities, those things imbued with exchange value. We, however, choose to posit something different; we choose to posit literature as a cultural value founded on the following wager, the very possibility of the individual, of human subjectivity itself…

Why should you read LetternetPress/OpenDrawerPublications? Here you’ll find nothing less that a challenge to the codification of the experience of reading. Here you’ll find a challenge to the recent attacks on the very notion of psychical space and process, attacks on the notion of a unique scene of the self, whether they’re made by the cognitive sciences, constructivist reseachers, neorealists giddy with empiricism, or even those attempting to link genetics and sexual orientation, here the challenge comes from literature…

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